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200 Social Media Essay Topics

200 Social Media Essay Topics

social media essay topics

Social media has gained popularity over the years. Globally, most people are now using social media thus students are now writing social media essays to learn more about it. This article contains 200 social media essay topics students can choose from when writing a social media essay.

Writing a social media essay is similar to writing any other type of essay. You should choose a topic, conduct research about it to come up with fact-based information, and compose an essay with the proper structure of essay writing. Always ensure your essay is well-organized and has a consistent flow of information.

How to write a social media essay

Below is how to write a social media essay:

  1. Choose a good topic

When choosing a social media topic, you should brainstorm various topics. Then narrow down to two where you choose the one that you are most interested in and can compose an essay about it. Choosing a topic that you are interested in makes the work easier since you also want to learn more about it.

  1. Conduct research

After choosing the topic, you should conduct an extensive research. You should competent academic material like books or articles to conduct research. When conducting the research, write the essay’s outline, where you note down all the key points of the essay.

  1. Write the introduction

You should write an interesting social media essay introduction. Start with a hook to attract the reader’s attention. Write the background and the importance of the topic. Finally, write a strong thesis statement explaining the key idea of the essay.

  1. Write the body

In the body, you should describe the social media essay in depth. You should compose well-structured paragraphs. Start the paragraphs with a topic sentence that introduces the key point. Then write the mid-sentences which contain evidence-based information and your analysis of the key point. Finally, write the conclusion sentence which completes the paragraphs. You should use transition words to move from one paragraph to the next.

  1. Write the conclusion

The conclusion is the summation of the essay thus you should not bring new information to it. You should emphasize the thesis statement and restate the key points. Complete the conclusion with a closing statement or call to action if required. After the conclusion paragraph, write the references. When you complete the first draft, proofread it severally to omit any errors.

Using the steps above, you will be able to write a good social media essay. The most important part of writing the essay is choosing a topic that you understand. This also applies to writing a social media case study assignment.

Social media essay topics

Below are social media essay topics you can choose from:

Social media argumentative essay topics

  1. Do the benefits of social media outweigh its negative effects?
  2. Does social media marketing boost sales?
  3. Can someone become a social media addict?
  4. What age should children be allowed to use social media?
  5. Is social media a good source of breaking news?
  6. Does the use of social media have mental effects?
  7. Are the healthy living tips on social media true?
  8. Can you protect yourself from cyberbullying?
  9. Does being on social media influence your life?
  10. Has social media contributed to inadequate in-person communication?
  11. Are the treatment remedies on social media helpful?
  12. Has social media helped to fight racism?
  13. Does body perfection on social media affect people’s self-esteem
  14. Does social media activism bring any change?
  15. Is social media helpful to university students?
  16. Do people lie on social media?
  17. Is social media an important tool or a threat to the youth?
  18. Has social media brought awareness of different concepts?
  19. Do social media lead to better interpersonal relationships?
  20. Is there gender discrimination on social media?
  21. Do social media campaigns bring any changes?
  22. Do social media have any impacts on the healthcare system?
  23. Does social media have any influence on democracy?
  24. Does social media have any impact on the education system?
  25. Do social media affect individual freedom?
  26. Should social media applications be banned?
  27. Has social media led to social isolation?
  28. Does the use of social media lead to social changes?
  29. Does social media boost the global trade?
  30. Has social media destroyed our culture?

Social media topics of discussion

  1. The effects of social media on adolescents
  2. Social media impacts on social-political change
  3. Social media influence in communication
  4. Business promotion on social media
  5. The effects of social media on humans
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of social media
  7. Impacts of using social media at a workplace
  8. Social media impact on religion
  9. Social media impacts on conflict resolutions
  10. Effectiveness of employee recruitment via social media
  11. Benefits of using social media for brand promotion
  12. Social media freedom of speech
  13. Impacts of social media on depression
  14. Ethical concerns on social media
  15. Impacts of social media on the fashion industry
  16. Influence of social media on consumer behavior
  17. Ethnicity in social media
  18. Social media changes
  19. Social media impacts on international welfare
  20. Social media competition
  21. The evolution of social media
  22. The functions of social media
  23. The impact of social media on one’s beliefs
  24. Impact of social media on consumer transactions and feedback
  25. Challenges of social media
  26. The future of social media platforms
  27. Creating identity on social media
  28. Social media replaced journalism
  29. Social media hazards for teenagers
  30. Direct selling on social media

Social media persuasive essay topics

  1. Does the use of social media improve creativity among the youth?
  2. Is the perception of police brutality correct on social media?
  3. Does social media build better relationships or it ruins them?
  4. How does social media cause anxiety?
  5. Does the use of social media lead to procrastination?
  6. Does social media increase the voter turnout?
  7. Can social media promote communication skills?
  8. Can social media help in environmental conservation?
  9. How does social media create social problems?
  10. Does the usage of social media affect the performance of students?
  11. How has social media impacted the culture of online buying?
  12. Why do schools discourage the use of social media?
  13. How does the use of social media affect time management?
  14. Do the use of social media make people feel insecure?
  15. How do social media trends impact the culture?
  16. Does the use of social media affect sleeping patterns?
  17. How does social media promote fitness and healthy living?
  18. How does the use of social media cause the rise of dopamine in the brain?
  19. How are children adversely affected by social media?
  20. Who should be answerable to the negative impacts of social media?
  21. Does social media cause depression among the youth?
  22. How has social media promoted the dating life?
  23. Does social media have a positive impact on the education sector?
  24. Why should social media posts be considered during a job interview?
  25. Has the use of social media promoted self-expression?
  26. How does social media impact personal privacy?
  27. Are there inequalities in the access to social media?
  28. Does the use of social media lead to poor job performance?
  29. Does social media usage cause eating disorders among young girls?
  30. How does social media benefit non-profit organizations?

Essay topics about social media

  1. Social media impacts on elections
  2. How does social media improve customer care?
  3. Limitations of social media usage
  4. Social media influence on civil rights
  5. Impact of social media on online classes
  6. How does social media promote connectivity among people?
  7. Knowledge management on social media
  8. Social media impacts on human resource management
  9. Compare and contrast different social media platforms
  10. The impact of social media in tourism and hospitality
  11. How social media causes division in society
  12. Development of WhatsApp a social media platform
  13. How social media promotes small businesses
  14. Career enhancements of social media
  15. How social media influences human capital management
  16. University admissions using social media
  17. Effects of sexual harassment on social media
  18. How to choose the right social media applications
  19. Impacts of Instagram to the society
  20. Ways to expand social media to new markets
  21. Benefits of having a social media policy in an organization
  22. How is social media a political power tool?
  23. Ways of overcoming social media addiction
  24. Impacts of social media on pop culture
  25. How does social media affect a person’s decision-making and critical thinking?
  26. The impact of social media on community development
  27. How social media impacts human rights in African countries
  28. Virtual reality impacts on social media
  29. Strategies to combat fake news and misinformation on social media
  30. The roles of social media influencers

Social media essay topics in English

  1. How does social media influence the English language?
  2. Social media impact on the real estate industry
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of social media monitoring
  4. Impacts of social media on the nursing industry
  5. Mental effects of humor on social media
  6. The best age to start using social media
  7. Impacts of social media on social injustices
  8. How social media impacts the life of celebrities
  9. Social media impacts on the economy
  10. Does social media promote diversity?
  11. How social media influences public opinion
  12. Impacts of social media on beauty products
  13. Causes of social media popularity
  14. Impacts of social media on government policy-making
  15. Promotion of equality on social media
  16. Social media contributions during a pandemic
  17. The impact of social media on the food sector
  18. Social media influence on social identity
  19. Impact of social media on human consciousness
  20. How do social media sites moderate speech?
  21. Promotion of a plastic-free world on social media
  22. How social media impacts teenager’s attitudes
  23. How social media builds emotional intelligence
  24. Hazards of social media
  25. Impacts of social media on sports
  26. The use of social media in healthcare organizations
  27. How social media can promote green supply chain
  28. Social media impact on social wellness
  29. Effectiveness of health information on social media
  30. Which social media platform is the most superior?

Persuasive essay topics about social media

  1. Can extended use of social media lead to childhood obesity?
  2. Has social media led to improvement in technological advancements?
  3. Does social media influence higher education?
  4. Does social media impact the retail industry?
  5. Social media impact on online gambling
  6. Does social media promote alcohol and drug abuse?
  7. Is there a difference between social media advertisement and social media marketing?
  8. Did social media help Obama win the elections?
  9. Are social media platforms credible sources of information?
  10. How can social media assist in learning a new language?
  11. Does social media promote good governance?
  12. How does the number of likes in a post influence a person’s mental health?
  13. Do the rumors on social media affect a celebrity’s mental health?
  14. Did social media have an impact on the revolution of Egypt?
  15. How is self-care promoted on social media?
  16. Does social media impact digital diplomacy?
  17. Should students use social media as a research tool?
  18. How trolls can impact a person’s self-esteem?
  19. How is social media used for mass surveillance?
  20. Does social media impact the hiring process?
  21. How to protect yourself from hate speech on social media
  22. Does social media affect leadership?
  23. How does social media influence marriages?
  24. How does social media promote the Airbnb business?
  25. Does social media impact family relations?
  26. How does the usage of social media lead to fear of missing out?
  27. What are the benefits of social media blogging?
  28. How does social media promote juvenile delinquency?
  29. Does social media usage lead to comparison and jealousy
  30. How social media influences people’s perception of things

Social media essay topics

  1. The role of social media in disaster management
  2. Impacts of conspiracy theories on social media
  3. Reasons for joining social media platforms
  4. Promotion of cultural diversity on social media
  5. Impact of social media on the judiciary system
  6. Impact of social media on crime rate
  7. The perception of wealth on social media
  8. Importance of social media analytics
  9. Social media impacts on parenting
  10. How do you market your products on social media?
  11. How social media can curb bullying and violence
  12. Impacts of social media on the body image
  13. Censorship on social media sites
  14. Has the use of social media increased suicide cases?
  15. Life before and after social media
  16. Social networking on social media
  17. The great power of social media
  18. How to make money on social media
  19. Impacts of social media crises
  20. How to develop a social media strategy

When writing a social media essay, you are required to choose a good topic for it. Similar to when writing an exploratory essay, you should choose a good exploratory essay topic. You should always choose a topic you are interested in and can write a good paper about it.

To wrap up

Writing a social media essay requires you to choose a good topic that you can interpret. You can choose one of the social media essay topics from this article. If you need help with writing your social media essay, we provide help with coursework assignments.

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