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200+ Exploratory Easy Topics

200+ Exploratory Easy Topics

Exploratory Easy Topics

As a student, you are required to write an exploratory essay as part of your classwork. An exploratory essay focuses on various solutions that can solve a specific problem. When writing an exploratory essay, you should choose a good topic for your essay. This article has various exploratory easy topics you can choose from.

What is an exploratory essay? An exploratory essay is an essay that focuses on different ways of solving a particular problem. When writing an exploratory essay, you do not take a stance on the essay’s topic. Writing a good essay requires you to conduct exploratory research on a topic that is not well understood. For example, the mental health benefits of intermittent fasting. This answer, what is exploratory research?

How to write an exploratory essay

Below is how to write an exploratory essay:

a) Choose a topic

When assigned an exploratory essay assignment, you may be given a topic or you are required to choose a topic. If you are required to choose a topic, you should choose a topic you clearly understand and can compose a good essay on it. The topic can be based on various categories which include business, politics, entertainment, world problems, health, sports, culture, religion, music, or art.

After choosing a category, you should narrow it down to a specific topic to avoid having an ambiguous topic. For instance, if you choose health you can focus on the mental health benefits of intermittent fasting. Choosing a topic that is interesting to you makes the essay writing task easier.

b) Write the introduction

You should start the introduction with a hook to pique the reader’s attention.  You should describe the issue you are researching, explain why it is important to investigate, and briefly list potential solutions that you will go into more detail about in the essay’s body paragraphs. Complete the introduction with a thesis statement that describes what your essay will entail.

c) Write the body paragraphs

The body paragraphs explain the essay’s topic in detail. You should properly structure your body paragraph to have a consistent flow of information. The body paragraphs should have a topic sentence that introduces the paragraph’s key idea, middle sentences that have evidence-based information and your interpretation of the paragraph’s key idea, and finally, a conclusion sentence that completes the whole paragraph. You should use proper transition words such as additionally, however, furthermore to transition from one paragraph to the next.

d) Write the conclusion

The conclusion sums up the whole essay hence you should not bring new information to the conclusion. Restate the thesis statement and mention the key ideas of the essay. Complete the conclusion by giving the readers a call to action on the issue discussed in the essay.

After the conclusion, write the references of the sources you cited your essay from. You should then proofread it several times to remove wording, punctuation, and spelling errors. Edit and submit your exploratory essay.

Using the steps above, you will be able to compose a good exploratory essay. An exploratory essay can either be a long essay like a 3000-word essay or it can be a short essay depending on the assignment. Choosing a good topic for your exploratory essay is very important since it determines how well you will compose the essay. Always choose a topic that you understand and you can write a good essay about it.

Exploratory easy topics

Below are exploratory easy topics on various categories:

Exploratory research topics on business

  1. Factors to consider before starting a business
  2. The role of government in business
  3. Benefits of social media marketing
  4. Challenges of businesses in third world countries
  5. How to improve the green supply chain
  6. Causes of business failure
  7. How advertisements impact a business
  8. The fundamentals of opportunity cost
  9. How does color influence the impulse to purchase?
  10. Advantages of organizational culture
  11. Standardization in global businesses
  12. Growth techniques for a business endeavor
  13. The impact of global marketing
  14. The role of logistics in business
  15. How to embrace cultural diversity in businesses
  16. How businesses deal with seasonal demand
  17. Benefits of corporate strategy
  18. The value of various business processes
  19. Factors to consider before expanding a business
  20. The role of stock market exchange
  21. Importance of a proper supply chain in a business

Health exploratory research topics

  1. Benefits of intermittent fasting to the body
  2. Ways to maintain a healthy living
  3. The role of public health
  4. Ways to prevent obesity
  5. Mental benefits of daily exercises
  6. Ways to combat the spread of AIDS
  7. Benefits of a healthy sleeping routine
  8. Mental health effects of social media
  9. Treatment strategies for diabetes
  10. Techniques to prevent inequality in healthcare
  11. Effectiveness of e-cigarettes
  12. Importance of cultural diversity in healthcare
  13. Importance of vaccination
  14. How to overcome alcohol addiction
  15. Importance of telehealth
  16. Treatment strategies for depression
  17. Ways to prevent hair loss
  18. Benefits of drinking water
  19. How to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder
  20. Ways to treat high blood pressure
  21. Benefits of breastfeeding
  22. Impact of global warming on public health
  23. Autism treatment strategies
  24. Treatment strategies for stomach cancer
  25. Causes of eating disorders
  26. The role of government in healthcare
  27. Benefits of palliative care
  28. Trends in Healthcare
  29. Effects of excess sugar intake on a person’s health
  30. Prevention strategies for dementia
  31. Benefits of electronic health records

Exploratory topics on sports

  1. Advantages of sports in educational settings
  2. How does sport foster greater world peace?
  3. Advantages of training before a match
  4. The role of government in sports
  5. Effects of technology on sports
  6. Challenges faced by children who take part in sports
  7. Coronavirus impacts on sports
  8. Psychological pressure on Olympic athletes
  9. How do sports improve one’s physical health?
  10. Importance of a fan base in sports
  11. How do you identify the best sport for you?
  12. How can athlete keeps their energy levels high
  13. The psychological advantages of sports participation
  14. Gender equality in football
  15. Ways to curb bullying a sports team
  16. E-sports evolution
  17. Impacts of sports media on women’s sports
  18. Trends in the sporting world
  19. Benefits of introducing sports to children at an early age
  20. The age maximum to participate in sports
  21. Roles of football academy clubs

Exploratory topics on world problems

  1. Financial effects of coronavirus
  2. Ways to curb soil erosion
  3. Impacts of global warming
  4. Causes of overfishing
  5. Is diabetes becoming a pandemic?
  6. The role of the UN in solving world issues
  7. Ways to combat air pollution
  8. Reduction of youth unemployment
  9. Techniques to improve human rights
  10. Benefits of the World Health Organization
  11. Ways to stop police brutality
  12. Is China becoming a superpower?
  13. Effects of wars on the global economy
  14. How to reduce homelessness globally
  15. Benefits of organ donation
  16. Ways to reduce corruption in poor countries
  17. Impact of technology on daily activities
  18. How the government can curb human trafficking
  19. How smartphones impact our relationship
  20. Causes of poverty in third world countries
  21. Ways to reduce global hunger

Exploratory topics on family life

  1. Ways to build a successful family
  2. Good parenting traits
  3. How does social media influence family life?
  4. The best age to start a family
  5. Effectiveness of same-sex parenting
  6. Psychological effects of divorce on children
  7. Strategies parents can use to create good values among the children
  8. Importance of having good relationships with your family members
  9. Parents’ influence on children’s career
  10. Causes of intergenerational conflict among families
  11. Challenges faced by a single parent
  12. Building family trust once it’s broken
  13. Benefits of balancing work and family life
  14. Effects of family ties
  15. The best parenting styles
  16. How birth order affects one’s traits
  17. The popularity of surrogacy
  18. Ways to improve communication skills among family members
  19. How domestic violence impacts the children’s mental health
  20. Impacts of religion on parenting
  21. How to maintain good relations with extended family

Exploratory topics on schooling and education

  1. Impacts of online learning on the education system
  2. Importance of counseling in schools
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling
  4. Importance of holistic education
  5. Phycological effects of boarding schools
  6. Advantages of reading ahead of the teacher
  7. Techniques to curb bullying in schools
  8. Advantages of remedial lessons
  9. Why all students should participate in curriculum activities
  10. Impact of class size on the education quality
  11. The best age to start school
  12. How does the weather impact school programs?
  13. How the student’s motivation affects their performance
  14. Impact of coronavirus on the education system
  15. The role of technology in schools
  16. Who makes the school calendar?
  17. Why the government should provide free education to all students
  18. Best technique to teach students
  19. Impacts of trans-knighting on your grades
  20. Best techniques to prepare for the exams
  21. Ways to create a conducive learning environment

Exploratory topics on psychology

  1. Causes and treatment of PTSD
  2. Elements of critical thinking
  3. How breathing techniques manage stress
  4. Depression effect on the nervous system
  5. Effects of antisocial behavior
  6. Effects of addiction on the brain
  7. Treatment strategies for eating disorders
  8. Impacts of healthy sleeping patterns
  9. Effects of antidepressants
  10. Causes and treatment of attachment styles
  11. Effects of family counseling
  12. Ways to build emotional intelligence
  13. Technique to cope with anxiety
  14. Effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy
  15. How to boost one’s self-esteem
  16. Ways to reduce fear of missing out
  17. Causes of narcissistic personality disorder
  18. Benefits of psychotherapy
  19. How exercises improve your mental health
  20. Effects of social media addiction
  21. Causes of self-isolation
  22. How does healthy living impact your mental health
  23. Treatment strategies for autistic symptoms
  24. Impact of relationships on mental health
  25. Phycological benefits of art
  26. Impact of immigration on the mental health of immigrants
  27. Ways of healing childhood trauma
  28. Treatment of ADHD
  29. How social media can impact your mental health
  30. How to stay calm in stressful situations
  31. How one’s perception shapes their reality

Exploratory topics for students

  1. Impacts of globalization on trade
  2. Causes of social inequality
  3. Benefits of artificial intelligence
  4. Factors that influence consumer behavior
  5. Ways to stop racism
  6. Benefits of embracing green businesses
  7. Social implications of food culture
  8. Effects of rural-urban migration
  9. How does proper nutrition maintain one’s health?
  10. Impacts of digital marketing
  11. Stress management strategies for the teenagers
  12. Roles of drone technology
  13. Ways of building self-awareness
  14. Benefits of embracing cultural differences
  15. Effects of oil spillage in the ocean
  16. Benefits of digital learning
  17. Causes of income inequality
  18. Ways to maintain a healthy weight
  19. Benefits of 5G technology
  20. Causes and effects of war
  21. Ways to stop child abuse
  22. Treatment strategies for hypertension
  23. Effects of toxic friendship
  24. Causes of lack of empathy
  25. Benefits of a clean environment
  26. Characteristics of good marriages
  27. Effects of gender roles in the society
  28. Ways to stop cyberbullying
  29. Evolution of technology in the past years
  30. Ways to maintain an online friendship
  31. How constant use of technology affects your mental health
  32. Causes of antibiotic resistance
  33. Methods of solving conflicts
  34. How to maintain a healthy relationship
  35. How to maintain global food security

To wrap up

When writing an exploratory essay, you should choose a topic you can interpret and can compose a good essay about it. You can use this article to choose a topic for your exploratory essay. If you need help with your exploratory essay, we provide ‘write my essay for me’ help.

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