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What is the American Dream essay?

What is the American Dream essay?

American dream essay

What is the American Dream essay? The American Dream is the conviction based on the history and culture of the country everyone can succeed, thrive, and be happy through hard work and persistence, regardless of their background. This idea has motivated a great deal of authors, academics, and philosophers to explore the American Dream essay, looking at its inception, development, and social effects. This article focuses on the American Dream essay.

Understanding the American Dream essay requires you to comprehend what is the American Dream. Fundamentally, the American Dream is the conviction that, with enough effort and willpower, anybody can succeed and enjoy prosperity regardless of their background. It’s a promise of a better life, where your efforts will pay off in spades and your dreams will come true. It is the assurance of a better life, one in which your efforts will be rewarded beyond measure and your goals will come true. Use this article as a guide for writing a coursework American Dream essay.

The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay

To understand the American dream, let’s, look at one of the most well-known books ever written, “The Great Gatsby,”. It portrays the complex layers of the American dream in addition to telling a gripping story. A self-made millionaire named Jay Gatsby and the mysterious green light across the bay serves as our eyes, revealing the idea that happiness can only be attained via wealth. Below is how to outline The Great Gatsby American Dream essay:

a) Introduction

  • Explain the relevance of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” in American literature
  • Give a summary of the American Dream and how it figures in the book
  • Provide a thesis statement outlining how “The Great Gatsby” questions and critiques the conventional understanding of the American Dream

b) The Vivacious 1920s and the Allure of the Dream

  • Provide the background of the 1920s, also referred to as the Roaring Twenties
  • Describe how the American Dream was inspired by this prosperous period
  • Explain the novel’s depictions of materialism and opulent lifestyles

c) Gatsby’s Search for the American Dream

  • Describe Jay Gatsby and his unwavering quest for the American Dream
  • Talk about his desire to regain his rank and fortune to have Daisy Buchanan back
  • Examine Gatsby’s self-made image and the symbolic meaning of his opulent parties and property

d) The Dream’s Illusionary Nature

  • Draw attention to how meaningless luxury and consumerism are in Gatsby’s society
  • Talk about how Gatsby’s unrealistic aspirations are connected to the symbolism of the green light across the bay
  • Examine the disappointment that figures like Gatsby and Myrtle feel when they learn that their aspirations aren’t as unlimited as they once thought

e) Disparities and Social Stratification

  • Examine the differences between the new money represented by Gatsby and the old money represented by Buchanan
  • Talk about how the reality of the American Dream’s attainability is reflected in this social structure
  • Examine how Tom Buchanan’s contempt for Gatsby’s “new money” position played a part

f) The Downfall of Gatsby

  • Examine the circumstances that led to Gatsby’s downfall
  • Talk about Gatsby’s feelings of loneliness and dissatisfaction despite his wealth
  • Examine how the novel’s indictment of the Dream’s transient nature is reflected in Gatsby’s tragic ending

g) Daisy Buchanan

  • Analyze Daisy’s personality and how she relates to the American Dream
  • Talk about Daisy’s hedonistic and naive wants and how they add to the Dream’s vulnerability.
  • Examine Gatsby’s home scene with Daisy and the unmet expectations it represents

h) Conclusion

  • Briefly summarize the main ideas covered in the essay
  • Reiterate your main points and highlight how “The Great Gatsby” acts as a warning about the perils of the American Dream
  • End with a provocative statement regarding the novel’s ongoing importance in challenging cultural norms.

How to write an American Dream essay

Writing an American Dream essay follows the essay writing structure of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Before you start writing the essay, you should write an American Dream essay outline to organize your ideas for the essay. This also applies when writing a college essay, you should write a college essay outline. Use the outline as a guide once you start writing the essay. Below is how you should craft your American Dream essay:

a) Introduction

  • Give a brief explanation of the American Dream
  • Briefly summarize its cultural and historical significance
  • Write the thesis statement describing the goal of the essay

b) An overview and development of the American Dream

  • Describe the American Dream and its founding principles, such as land ownership and economic opportunity
  • Talk about how the idea has grown to include more ideals like happiness and personal freedom
  • Name some significant historical occurrences that influenced the development of the Dream

c) Cultural illustrations and representations

  • Examine the various depictions of the American Dream in literature, music art, and movies
  • Talk about how cultural depictions have influenced how the general public views the Dream

d) The social and economic aspects

  • Describe the relationship between economic success and upward mobility and the American Dream
  • Talk about how capitalism and the quest for achievement contribute to realizing the American Dream
  • Provide arguments about the Dream’s effects on society from both supporters and detractors

e) Criticisms and Obstacles to the Dream

  • Talk about the Dream’s detractors, such as how it can help to maintain inequality
  • Address issues with structural impediments and societal inequalities
  • Examine how technology and globalization have impacted the achievement of the Dream

f) Regional and individual differences

  • Emphasize how different people’s interpretations of the dream can vary depending on their personal history and physical region.
  • Give instances of how various cultural groups or urban versus rural locations may have differing perspectives on the Dream.

g) Conclusion

  • Enumerate the main ideas covered in the essay
  • Emphasize that the American Dream is still important and should be discussed and thought about.
  • Complete with an insightful remark or an invitation to learn more about how the Dream is changing

Outlining your essay as above will help you to properly organize your ideas and compose a well-written American Dream essay. Your American Dream essay can be a long essay like a 3000-word essay or a short essay depending on the assignment requirements. Always follow all the given requirements when writing your essay. For a better understanding of how to structure your American Dream essay, you can check out various American Dream essay examples.

Tips for writing an American Dream essay

Below are tips for writing an American Dream essay:

a) Properly analysis of the topic

When writing an American Dream essay, you should properly analyze the topic. You should choose a topic you understand thus the interpretation is easier. You should write a strong thesis statement and support it with evidence-based information throughout the essay.

b) A strong viewpoint supported by evidence

When writing an American Dream essay, you should have a strong viewpoint on the topic and support it with evidence. This helps the reader to understand the topic in-depth. You should also give your analysis and interpretation of the evidence-based information.

c) A clear understanding of the story and characters in the book

When writing an American Dream essay, you should show your understanding of the story and the characters in the book. Use evidence-based information and examples from the book the give your interpretation. Always use relevant examples to support your argument.

d) A proper flow of information

When writing your American Dream essay, you should have a proper flow of information from the introduction through the body to the conclusion. You should write an engaging introduction to attract the reader’s attention, well-organized body paragraphs using transition words to transition from one paragraph to the next, and a well-written conclusion.

When writing the body paragraphs, you should have a logical flow of information in the paragraphs. Start each paragraph with a key point to introduce the key points, then write the middle sentences giving evidence-based information and your interpretation then finally complete with a concluding sentence that sums up the whole paragraph.

American Dream essay titles

When writing an American Dream essay, you should choose a good topic. You should always choose a topic you clearly understand and can write a good essay on. Below are various American Dream essay topics you can choose from:

  1. The main concept of the American Dream
  2. Values and Hopes of the American Dream
  3. The pitfall of the American Dream
  4. How Gatsby represents the American Dream
  5. Lack of equality and the American Dream
  6. The American Dream and the black race
  7. Millennials redefinition of the American Dream
  8. Elements that affect the American Dream
  9. The success of the American Dream
  10. The colonization of the British and the American Dream
  11. Effects of poverty on the American Dream
  12. The popularity of the American Dream
  13. Is it still possible to achieve the American Dream?
  14. Pros and cons of the American Dream
  15. Effects of money on the American Dream
  16. Disproval of the American Dream
  17. Capitalism and the American Dream
  18. Deciding which way to take to achieve the American Dream
  19. Disenchantment and the American Dream
  20. Effects of social class on the American Dream

To sum up

Writing the American Dream essay requires you to understand the American Dream concept. Using this article as a guide you will be able to write a well-written American Dream essay. For any further assistance with your American Dream essay, you can use our ‘write my essay for me’ service.

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