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How to write a synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay

How to write a synthesis essay

As a student, you are required to write a synthesis essay as part of your classwork. Writing a synthesis essay requires you to write an essay based on various sources. This article gives you a guide on how to write a synthesis essay.

What is a synthesis essay definition? A synthesis essay is an essay that requires you to use various sources and make a connection between those sources to come up with your thesis. A synthesis essay thesis is a statement that describes the main purpose of your essay.

Types of Synthesis Essays

Before writing an assignment on a synthesis essay you should learn about the various types of synthesis essays. Those types include:

  1. Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays allow you to compare two topics, make a case for your point of view, and demonstrate cause and effect. Argumentative essays require you to synthesize various sources to come up with information that supports your thesis.

  1. Explanatory essay

An exploratory essay gives in-depth information about a particular subject matter. You research various sources that are relevant to the topic of discussion to come up with detailed information on the topic.

  1. Literature review

Book reviews are essays that analyze a variety of books to find recurring themes or elements. This could be a hypothetical essay that examines several trends and suggests substitute concepts.

Components of a Synthesis Essay

Below are the components of the synthesis essay

  1. A strong thesis statement

The thesis statement describes the main purpose of the essay. How do you write a thesis for a synthesis essay? You read and understand all the sources and make a connection between the sources to come up with the essay’s main idea which is the thesis.

  1. Introduction

The synthesis essay introduction should be interesting to catch the reader’s attention. You should introduce the sources that you are synthesizing and write a strong thesis statement describing your essay’s key idea.

  1. Body

The body paragraphs contain quotations, summaries, paraphrases, and analyses of sources. You should provide evidence for your claim from the given sources. The body of a synthesis typically consists of three paragraphs. This usually consists of two paragraphs that synthesize your references to support your position and one paragraph addressing competing viewpoints.

  1. Conclusion

In the conclusion, you should restate the thesis statement and review the key points of the essay. Rephrasing your thesis to present your argument from a fresh perspective.

  1. Bibliography

You should list all the sources that you cited your work from. When writing the sources, you should use the essay’s writing format.

Using the component above, you will compose a well-structured synthesis essay. Your synthesis can either be a 5-paragraph essay or a long essay depending on the assignment. Always follow all your essay’s assignment instructions when writing your synthesis essay.

How to write a synthesis essay

Below is how to write a synthesis essay:

  1. Read and understand the assignment

When assigned a synthesis essay, the lecture gives you sources to write an essay on or you are assigned a topic. Read the sources carefully, regardless of whether your lecture assigns the sources or you have to do your study. You should annotate the sources to comprehend the writers’ points of view and the connections between them. The ability to evaluate and compare ideas from diverse sources is a crucial skill for synthesis essays.

  1. Write the thesis statement

The thesis statement is your main claim in the essay. From the thesis statement, the reader can understand what your essay will entail. You should write the thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. For an argumentative essay, the thesis statement should show your position in the argument, and for an expository essay, the thesis statement should describe the essay’s key idea.

  1. Write a synthesis essay outline

Writing a synthesis essay outline helps you to properly plan your ideas for the essay. You should structure your essay in the outline. You should write the key points of the introduction, for the body paragraphs outline how the sources support your thesis statement and for the conclusion state the thesis and summarize the key points.

  1. Write the synthesis essay introduction

You should start the introduction with a hook to grab the reader’s attention. Address the essay’s topic and give the background information. You should complete the introduction with a strong thesis statement that describes your essay’s main argument.

  1. Write the body paragraphs

The body paragraphs outline how the sources support the thesis statement. You should write well-structured paragraphs with a proper flow of information. Start each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the paragraph’s main idea. Then write the mid-sentences giving evidence in the form of quotations and examples from the sources and you should give your interpretation. Finally, write the conclusion sentence which concludes the paragraph.

Each paragraph should have a unique key idea that supports the thesis statement. You should also describe the common theme between the sources and also explain the counterarguments. You should ensure your body paragraphs are well-organized by using proper transition words to transition from one paragraph to the next.

  1. Write the conclusion

You should summarize the essay in the conclusion thus you should not bring new points to it. Restate the thesis in a fresh perspective and review all the key points. Complete the essay with a concluding statement. This is how to write a synthesis essay conclusion.

  1. Write the bibliography

In the bibliography, you should list all the sources you cited in the essay. The bibliography is written as per the essay’s writing format. It can be either APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or Turabian writing format.

  1. Proofread the essay

After completing the first draft, you should proofread it to omit any wording or punctuation errors. You can also run the essay on Grammarly to remove any errors you may have missed when proofreading. Edit and submit your synthesis essay.

Using the synthesis essay guide above, you will be able to write a good synthesis essay. For a better understanding of how to write a synthesis paper, research various synthesis essay examples. This will help you to properly structure your assignment on synthesis essay.

How to write a synthesis essay ap lang

An AP Lang synthesis essay is a type of essay that assesses students’ capacity to combine information from multiple sources into a cogent argument or viewpoint on a given topic. It is one of the three free-response section questions on the AP Lang test, which is administered to students to enhance their fluency in language and writing abilities.

How to write a synthesis essay AP Lang? Students should read the prompt, understand the key ideas, and assess each of the provided sources critically. They should then select three of the available sources to use as the foundation for their essay. The next stage is for them to draft a thesis statement that captures the essence of their essay and presents their viewpoint on the topic in a clear, concise manner. Finally, they should write a synthesis essay that contains a critical analysis of the sources as opposed to merely a collection or synopsis of them.

Tips for writing a synthesis essay

Below are tips for writing a synthesis essay:

  1. Write an outline

Students assume that writing an outline is not important and go directly to write the essay. Writing an essay without an outline can lead to time wastage and improper flow of information. Always write an outline to properly organize your ideas and have a proper structure for the essay.

  1. Write a draft

When writing the essay, draft your article freely rather than analytically. This can assist you in organizing your thoughts so that, after completing the first draft, you can go back and edit the essay.

  1. Read and understand the sources

Writing a synthesis essay requires you to analyze sources and draw fresh conclusions from what you have read. Writing more clearly about the subject can be achieved by reading the sources carefully, making notes, and looking up any words or concepts you might not be familiar with.

  1. Do not summarize the sources

Do not just summarize the sources. Explain how you understand the sources. Steer clear of plagiarism and make sure to credit all of your sources. The synthesis essay primarily evaluates your understanding of the sources and your ability to persuasively defend your position on the central issue. Always be original when writing your synthesis essay.

  1. Proofread the essay loudly

Proofreading the essay loudly can help you catch passages that need clarification or correction. You should do this to find any wording or grammar errors. Proofreading also enables you to check if your essay is properly structured.

To sum up

Writing a synthesis essay requires you to interpret various sources, come up with a thesis, and write an essay that supports the thesis. Use this article as a guide on how to write a synthesis essay. If you need help with your synthesis essay, we provide affordable help with essay writing.

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