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Frequently asked questions about our dissertation writing help

a) Do you take urgent ‘do my dissertation’ orders?

We do take urgent ‘do my dissertation’ orders. You may have forgotten to submit your order on time, don’t worry, we clearly understand. We take your last-minute dissertation order and compose it exactly as you requested. We can complete an urgent dissertation order within 3- 5 days depending on the dissertation’s requirements.

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We follow the given instructions when writing your dissertation. Before we start writing the dissertation, we carefully read through all the instructions to clearly understand what is required. When then write the dissertation following each of these instructions including the word count, the writing format, and the submission date.

d) What is the cost of your dissertation writing help?

The cost of our dissertation writing help is based on the level of education, the dissertation’s length, and the submission time. The more urgent your order is the higher the price thus it is recommended to place your order with a long deadline. We also give discounts to orders with more than one order and to our new and frequent clients.

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We write original dissertation papers and do not use chat GPT or copy-paste from other academic sources. We conduct the required research using various academic materials to come up with the required data for your dissertation, we also use primary sources to collect data. In addition, we offer confidentiality thus your dissertation paper is not sold to anyone else. Your dissertation paper also not shown to anybody.

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